We are based in Augusta, Maine,  and I have been building aggravation game boards since 1971. I made my first board on a stormy day when I was not able to work on my construction job. Needing something to do, I found a piece of plywood in my basement that was suitable for a “practice” game board. With the help of my wife, Ramona, who did all the painting, this old relic turned out pretty darned good. It is still in use today by one of our daughters and her friends! Stephanie would never part with it. Years later, I took the advice of relatives and friends whom I had built custom-made aggravation game boards for and started to market them on the internet. That has proven to be a very good move and many people are now enjoying our fine game boards. We get many phone calls for a custom built game board. We enjoy hearing from you! We have a large inventory of different shapes and sizes, but many people want “something special,” which is just fine with us! So please call Cam at 207.213.7102
Cam’s Custom Game Boards