Cam’s Custom Game Boards

It’s all about family.   It began with an Aggravation game board I made for my own family way back in 1971. It was a rainy day, and the kids (six of them!) needed something to do, so I made that first board out of a piece of plywood I found in the cellar. My daughter Stephanie is still using that original board today!
Fast forward to 2011. Now retired from more than 50 years as a carpenter, I needed something to fill my days, so I made an Aggravation board for each of my children and their families. Word got around, and before I knew it, a new business was born! 

 It was a family operation from the outset. My wife, Ramona, hand paints the boards, and daughters Christine and Paula help with the web site.

Almost 50 years after the creation of that first board, the great game of Aggravation is still at the center of many of our family gatherings. We still play with our children, of course, but now the games might include grandchildren and even great grandchildren!

 Our boards are now made of quality hardwoods, but they are still created by hand in my workshop and painted by my wife.

 So come in and browse. Check out our fine-quality products. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase, and each product is made here in the good ole USA!

Cam LaFrance